Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dream Interpretation

I’ll go weeks or months without having a single dream and then all of a sudden I’ll be bombarded with them. It’s like my brain is trying to make up for lost time by cramming two or three in each night. I haven’t been able to figure out the trigger, though I’m sure there is one. There has to be.

I usually don’t remember dreams unless they’re reoccurring. They don’t last past the first fluttering of my eyelids and the thought, “Well that was strange”. I always said I’d make a dream journal, write them down the minute I wake. Unfortunately other things always take precedence: prying my eyes open with contact solution, pushing the kid off my head, shooting from the bed like a fired missile because I’m late again. Then, inevitably, when I have a moment of calm, I realize that I’ve missed the opportunity yet again and all I remember is that there was a dream and it was bizarre in some way.

Friday night I stayed home and turned in pretty early. I had three dreams that night and for once I was able to write them down. The first was an old, reoccurring dream, easy to remember:

I’m young, probably around five or six. I’m lying on the bed in my childhood room, white blonde hair spilling out across the pillow. I’m wearing an old, short sleeved nightgown with a ribbon at the neck. I’m half asleep, toying with the ribbon, when I hear a noise. I get up; my eyes are half closed slits.

In the middle of the dark room sits my red, white, and blue round plastic table and chairs. A small sliver of light appears in the middle of the table and I stare at the checked surface. I start to reach across the table and as I do, it seems to extend itself. I watch my arm pass over the top, fascinated. Then all of a sudden a snake appears on the other side, moving toward my hand with its mouth open. All I can see anymore is my arm, fist closed against the inevitable onslaught, the snake, and an endless expanse of red, white, and blue. It looks like a scene from Alice in Wonderland, surreal and slightly distorted.

I can’t seem to draw back my hand and the snake moves in quickly, snapping its jaws down on my small, closed fist. I feel no pain, only terror. Then I wake up.

Now comes the age old question: What does it mean?

I don’t know how accurate dream interpretation books and/or websites are, but this online dictionary pretty much confirms what I think the dream means:

I’m afraid of intimacy, commitment, and snakes. But I like sex. Orgasms complete me. I have an enormous ego that’s constantly attacked (bitches). Loosely translated, of course. I might have exaggerated on the ego bit.

I didn’t like this next dream at all, mostly because I come off a bit psycho:

I’m in a bridesmaids dress and I’m stumbling through a hotel hallway with a dark haired girl. We’re laughing, but even as I laugh and cling to her arm I know something is about to happen.

We burst through a door and it appears to be an enormous living room. People are sitting on couches and chairs, the room is full. We stumble into the center and there is talking, though I can’t remember what it’s about.

That’s when I notice him sitting in the corner of a couch to my right, on the edge of the activity. He’s an old fling. Everyone is talking at once, but I don’t listen. He and I, we’re staring each other down. His face is cold and mocking, mine is defiant. I feel reckless and giddy. The girl is still holding my arm and I sling her away from me. She smacks into a wall.

The scene changes and I’m talking to him alone. I’m wearing a different dress and I’m bragging about how rich men want me. He’s not impressed.

That’s all I remember. I know there’s a bit missing, but that’s what I’ve got. It’s probably got something to do with ego and temper. Maybe it means that I’m an angry, closet lesbian that dresses well.

This last one is the most bizarre:

There’s a really fat blonde woman standing in front of a small brown house. Everything seems to be in shades of brown except for her. She’s wearing a black t-shirt with some band on it and shiny, neon green spandex Capri pants with fake pockets on the back. Her ass is the only flat thing about her and her hair is bleached and teased 80’s style.

As she’s standing there six punk rock guys come walking across the lawn. They are all wearing a lot of black and have Mohawks, etc. Some of them disappear inside the house and some stand around outside. One of them tells the woman that their car broke down. While he’s explaining the situation, another one shouts from the open front door, “We need to call The General now for a ride!” Then they all chime in and say in the TV commercial voice, “Call 1-800-General now!”

The blonde offers them a ride. One of the guys hugs her, wrapping his arms around her big body, attempting to slide his hands into her fake back pockets. They just keep slipping and he keeps trying for a ridiculous amount of time.

Then they all pile on to her MOTORCYCLE and drive off down the highway. They’re all piled around her like The Muppets. Except for the one she’s sitting on.

I can’t even begin to analyze that one.

So, what do you guys think? Let's have your opinion on some of these.


Tony said...

The first dream obviously means that you think America is evil: You're young, innocent, curious, and then you come across a snake with red, white, and blue lights and shit. The snake represents evil and fear, and it's combined with the red, white, and blue, so I think that means that you hate America. How dare you?

I don't know what to say about the second dream, and the third dream obviously means that you're going to get married to a general one day.

That Gal Kiki said...

Perhaps you are afraid of something; the snake is someone within you, and the little girl inside you is trying to face it.

Did you eat before you wne to bed?

Sally-Sal said...

Your last dream had me cracking up! The pants, the pile of people on the motorcycle... Dude, I want an invite to your next dream.

Mr London Street said...

I am quite worried about you now. The general themes appear to be sex, weight and childhood. What would Freud say?

The mad woman behind the blog said...

You either want to have sex with muppets or um, you're the AAA of good times?
Grasping at straws here.
Oh, just reread. You went to bed early. I'm guessing without any alcoholic beverage consumption. Clearly you're supposed to be drinking before bed. Lock this shit up tight!

mo.stoneskin said...

I am actually blessed with a remarkable gift for dream interpretation. Thin is, the gift wavers after a strong beer and merges seamlessly with flippancy.


Anyway, it is clear to me that your sub-conscious is trying to say something.


I'm struggling here. I reckon you just had too much cheese before you went to bed. Either that or the missing part of dream #2 is crucial.

Anonymous said...

The snake one is about sex??? That is strange. And dreaming about Muppets is weird....... Maybe you feel like a puppet?? Who the hell knows.

Someone told me once that everyone and everything in your dream is a different part of you. Go figure them out now.

Eric said...

Ok, don't laugh, but I think this works if you want to remember your dreams better based on my extensive trials of just me. Make it where your elbows are bent when you sleep, e.g. hands under pillow pinned down with your head on top of it all, or if lying on your back hands on upper chest all vampire style.

I figure the tingling from your arms falling asleep keeps you in a more ready REM state, plus when you wake up it happens more quickly, so dreams are remembered better.

As far as interpretation, I think you just might be insane.

Susan Higgins said...

The snake is also a symbol of your Kundalini energy, your life force within, attempting to emerge. Open your heart and let love in.

Miss Yvonne said...

Oh yuck, a snake dream. I have no idea what it means, but now my skin's all creepy crawly.

Rusty Hoe said...

Ok here we go,

Dream 1

Snake Sex (cold and quick strikes, never good)

Dream 2

Public Sex (well you know you were gonna do it, just kick everyone off the couch)

Dream 3

Muppet sex (you know Animal had it going on)

There you go, 10 years of psych at uni pays off!

Anonymous said...

The bridesmaid dream sounds much like a couple wedding parties I was in!

Organic Meatbag said...

I've had strange dreams involving snakes lately too...thing is, snakes seems to be verrrrrry loosely interpreted in "dream dictionaries"...turns out that snakes can mean many different in other words, I have no helpful answers for you...imagine that...

P.T said...

I thought the third dream was going to end up in an orgy!!

The Kid In The Front Row said...

dream interpretation books are silly. if i have a dream about a horse, it's going to mean something different to if you dream about a horse. i mean, i might never have seen a horse or would not know anything about them, whereas you might know all about what they symbolise and that kind of thing. so it can't have a one fixed meaning.

but dreams do mean something. they normally cycle around an edge that you have in your personality, the limits of your belief systems. so, for example, if i am dreaming of being trapped behind class with women on the other side, and then i dream of a car with my girlfriend inside, and she drives off without me, and then i have a dream where my sports team name me captain but i don't feel up to the responsibility, you might be able to analyse all that as a dream about a fear of commitment.

so i'd just experiment with thinking about your dreams in terms of the things that are bothering you, or the ways in which you limit yourself. i.e. - if you were attracted to a woman but won't admit it to yourself, your dreams might represent that, or if you really want to murder your neighbour but you're not the murdering kind, it could manifest in a dream.

another way is to interact with your thoughts during the day.. is someone at work bothering you? maybe you have an edge towards being disrupted by annoying people. maybe your dream is of you being on a sandy peaceful beach. maybe the disturbance in the day is related to the dream.

i will stop now because i may be making no sense.

Joshua said...

They say a snake and one that strikes at you represents a fear, of commitment, of something going on in your life(such as wealth-bills-etc..), public humiliation, the list goes on and on.

I wouldn't put too much faith in external interpretations at all. No one knows what's inside your head but yourself(even then it could be a stretch). Everything influences dreams, literally everything that goes on during your day and during your sleep has an effect; whether it's noticable or not.

I prefer to enjoy them for what they are, the best entertainment on the planet. They're free, they're willing to go more extreme than any other media, and they're utterly puzzling.

What else gives you the spectrum of emotions a dream does for the low low price of allowing yourself to drift asleep?

I'm with you on the sparsely remembered dreams, that's how mine go. Could be 6 months without one I remember or 6 in 6 days. I've read you have them whether you know it or not...kinda makes me feel jipped on the one's I don't realize.

Fun blog, keep it up kiddo.

mylittlebecky said...

def closet lesbian but only for becky. you're a closet becky lesbian. for your information? that's the best kind of lesbian ever. the end.

Judearoo said...

Sometimes I think dreams are just your mind's way of amusing itself for a few hours.

Donno about meaning hon, except that maybe you're rather odd in a likeable muppet way?

I cant say anything about weird ones - dreamt was sliding down the road on a giant ice cube with a big monkey dressed in napolionic uniform the other night. Make of that what you will.

JUST ME said...

snakes always mean penises...unless they just mean snakes.

j said...

haaaahaa my dreams always come back to be throughout the day as well. i never remember them right when i wake up.
my favorite was the neon capri pants. the goth punk guys were a nice touch. all i can tell is that you certainly have a vivid imagination. im too stupid to tell anything else.