Monday, October 11, 2010

Skin deep

Were we the same age, we’d be almost identical.

Our noses are the same – pointy with a funny dip on the tip. Eyes shaped the same, though hers are a shade darker than my greenish brown. Our top lips are thin, chins rounded, and hair a curly mess.

People have always drawn attention to our physical similarities. I’ve been not just her sister, but her twin on countless occasions.

Shock often follows the revelation that I’m her daughter...

Then we look at each other, her smile meeting my smirk – our unspoken code that says more than we ever could aloud.


My friend Mr. London Street started this lovely blog tradition: 100 word posts. He often invites others to give it a try - so I thought I would. You should check out his previous efforts, the latest of which is about Zombies. He's always taking suggestions for new pop on over, recommend a subject or two, and tell him what you think of his idea.

It is a lot harder than I thought to write only 100 words about a subject. I'm typically an overwriter, so this was particularly challenging. But I liked it, so I might just do it again.


Just a quick, somewhat unrelated note: I'd like to thank all of the "lurkers" that have come out of hiding recently. I've been terribly lax about responding to comments lately, but I want you all to know that there's nothing better than receiving a comment from someone you didn't know was reading. And of course, new readers - thanks to you too. :)

If you're wondering what's coming up here, I'll give you a sneak peak: There's a rather risque blog post in the works (that I mentioned briefly on Twitter) and perhaps a new take on the art of blogger interviewing.


Just Plain Tired said...

I think I'd fail miserably trying to limit what I spew on my blog to 100 words. ;)

BugginWord said...

If I tried that, I think 97 of the words would be "vagina."

Ed said...

Can't wait.

JUST ME said...

I liked that post. Not just because it was short. Because it said much more than 100 words should be able to. :)

Simple Dude said...

Great post... the 100 word limit would be a fun challenge.

With regards to the topic, it's nice to be the mother being confused for a sister. But I put my big foot in my mouth a couple weeks back asking a woman if she was the mother of another woman.. turned out they were sisters. whoops!!


Anonymous said...

I thought you did a nice job on this. I particularly liked the last line with your unspoken code.

Didactic Pirate said...

100 words, eh... As a big-time overwriter myself, I should try that. Ya dig good with your 100.

mylittlebecky said...

my sister and i used to be mistaken for twins, especially our voices. her friends would call and just start talking. excellent post m'lady.

BrightenedBoy said...

You know, I've been thinking recently of getting a Twitter account as BB.

I don't have one under my real name, but it might make sense for my blogging persona to log on.

By the way, your mother must be in pretty decent shape if she can be mistaken for the twin of a 25-year-old.

birdykins said...

I like this.